A Leading GPS Solutions Provider

SOFTRASYS is your go-to partner for Global Positioning System solutions that provide you with business growth potential and personal peace of mind.

SOFTRASYS provides its solutions to a diverse clientele of government institutions and leading businesses around the world that work in the freight, distribution, courier, taxi, insurance and car rental industries. Our scope of operation outside Lebanon includes the GCC area, North Africa and Europe.

SOFTRASYS in a Nutshell

Established in 2007 by Engineers, Developers and Marketing pioneers, SOFTRASYS™ is a multinational privately owned software company with bases in France and Lebanon. SOFTRASYS™ is dedicated to providing unique Fleet & Security Management Solutions.

By engineering and developing a complete in-house tracking product, SOFTRASYS™ professionalism and expertise provides clients with customized and tailored solutions.

With SOFTRASYS™ clients are guaranteed the access and security needed to carry out Fleet & Security operations in a timely and efficient manner. Our Products and advanced systems are characterized in strength, stability and continuous performance.

SOFTRASYS™ client base include corporate entities, governmental institutions and NGO’s.